Don't Call Me Shirley

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Roswell Fanfiction by jbangelo
KYLE: "Don't you really think this is a case of the pre-wedding jitters infecting your dream life?"
ISABEL: "Jitters? Surely you jest."
KYLE: "No, and don't call me--"
BOTH: "--Shirley."
ISABEL: "We are spending way too much time together."
~Roswell 3.06, To Have and to Hold

Hello, and welcome to my fic journal! I have been writing Roswell fanfiction off and on since 2003, and I guess I will keep writing 'til I run out of ideas. My preferred pairing is Kyle/Isabel, but I'm very open-minded when it comes to Roswell shipping. Kyle is my favorite character (like, EVER) and I tend to whore him out a bit, lol. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay! ♥